Thanks to an individual approach to each inquiry, taking into account the special requirements of each client, we optimize processes and minimize costs.

About our Company


We are operating on the European electroplating market since 1993. Our mission is to provide comprehensive and highly specialized solutions in the field of electro-chemical treatment on galvanizing lines. Years of experience and determination in solving complex problems of our clients have resulted in the development of high quality products characterized by high precision and a high level of innovation.


The KAMAF company has been operating on the electroplating market since 1993. From the very beginning of our activity, we were strongly oriented for the production of electroplating equipment for customers from foreign markets. Thanks to cooperation with the best and the most demanding
customers, we had the opportunity to refine ours projects and production technology according to the highest quality standards.

Our Certificates:

Our advantages:

* Individual approach (thanks to considering each inquiry individually, and with constant cooperation and consultation with our clients. We are able to develop solutions that optimally meet our clients’ expectations). * Cost minimization (Thanks to direct cooperation with our customers’ technologists and their active participation in the process of electroplating racks design. We are able to optimize the costs of manufacturing). * Wide range of services.